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Enhancing professional training through international cooperation

Since 1995 we have been supporting Tajikistan to develop education and training to boost employability, increase access to opportunity and promote social cohesion complementing the work of the European Commission and the EU’s External Action Service.

The ETF is supporting the Delegation of the European Union to Tajikistan in the design and operationalisation of the second Quality Education and Support Programme (QESP II), an EU intervention in education, VET and employment policies through the design and formulation of the Action Document. The programme will create an opportunity to help Tajikistan strengthen capacity in areas related to policy life cycle, implementation and public service delivery. The programme will provide an opportunity to reinforce coordination among international organisations, with a facilitator and knowledge broker role for the ETF.

The latest round of the Torino Process was launched in 2019, under the leadership of the Ministry of Labour, offering a strategic tool to develop inter-ministerial cooperation and coordination, engagement with stakeholders and better use of available evidence. Key areas for development are stakeholder and working group establishment, evidence collection and use, and analytical development. The Torino Process provides relevant insights into the reform progress.