Trends in validation of non formal and informal learning in the EU and neighbourhood

Validation of non-formal and informal learning lies at the heart of lifelong learning policies. Validation allows people to have their skills developed through work, civic engagement or hobbies identified, documented and recognised. It helps them in pursuing better jobs and further education. It makes people more aware of their own strengths and motivates them to engage in further learning.  

Validation gives visibility to the pool of available skills and there is a growing understanding that it could address skills gaps and reduce the brain waste. By shortening the time needed for up- and re-skilling it could play an important role in post pandemic recovery and in the twin digital and green transitions.  

Effective validation systems lay across labour market, economic development and education policies, which can make designing them challenging. They require solutions based on good understanding of users’ needs, support from the employers and openness on the side of the education system to accommodate flexible learning pathways. High quality services based on transparent standards and good information, outreach and guidance activities are integral to creating recognition mechanisms that are trusted.  

In 2021 ETF carried out a cross-country study on validation in: Azerbaijan, Jordan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. The study identifies progress made and challenges encountered in scaling up validation systems. The main objective of the webinar is to support further development of validation systems in the ETF Partner Countries, through: 

  • presentation and validation the findings of the ETF cross-country study and discussion on the policy recommendations; 

  • presentation of the place of validation in the EU New Skills Agenda; 

  • sharing good practices from the Partner Countries and the EU Member States. 

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