DARYA: Ensuring the involvement of stakeholders and suitable institutional arrangements in National qualifications systems

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Mobilising the relevant stakeholders to support the reform of qualifications and the VET system should lead to better qualifications, more engagement with vocational education and the VET system, and better outcomes for individuals. It is important to map the relevant stakeholders and set up mechanisms for their engagement and ensure that coordination roles are allocated.

The webinar will explore how Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Türkiye manage their national qualifications systems – what are roles of institutions and how stakeholders are engaged.

The event is part of a series of familiarisation events in DARYA Module 2. Familiarisation events will preceed the capacity building activities and are aimed providing basic familiarisation on the key elements included in the Thematic Module 2 and establishing a joint understanding among the countries of Central Asia on concepts, definitions, state of play and challenges in the reform of national qualifications systems.


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