DARYA: ​​Identifying the pillars of National qualifications systems​

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The event on 28 and 30 March 2023 will discuss the understanding and expectations of Central Asian representatives in relation to modern qualifications and functions of National Qualifications Systems, and dwell on the key components of these systems. The event will look into the experience of the Central Asian and European Union countries and several sectors in reforming their qualifications systems.  

The event will open a series of familiarisation events in DARYA Module 2. Familiarisation events will preceed the capacity building activities and are aimed providing basic familiarisation on the key elements included in the Thematic Module 2 and establishing a joint understanding among the countries of Central Asia on concepts, definitions, state of play and challenges in the reform of national qualifications systems.  

Objectives of the meeting 

  • To start a discussion on a joint understanding of definitions and concepts. This discussion will be continued in the next three familiarisation events in order to develop a common Glossary,  

  • To jointly reflect on the functions and attributes of qualifications nowadays in the countries,  

  • To jointly reflect on the functions of National qualifications systems,  

  • To present common components of NQS: regulatory framework, stakeholder dialogue, institutional arrangements, quality assurance, 

  • To share experience of Central Asian and European Union countries (both at national and sectoral level, by national and sector representatives) – path of NQS reform, stages, learning, priorities, challenges 

For more information, please contact Nadezda Solodjankina, ETF, Nadezda.Solodjankina@etf.europa.eu.

Key elements and latest trends in qualifications systems, Arjen Deij, Senior expert on qualifications systems, ETF 

State of play and challenges of professional qualifications in the transport and logistics sector of Kazakhstan, Julia Statsurina, Marat Isabekov, “Kazlogistics” - The Union of Transport workers of Kazakhstan 

National and sectoral experience of Polish Integrated Qualifications System, Maciej Tauber, Agnieszka Szymczak, IBE (Educational Research Institute), Poland 

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