Peer-learning Seminar: Towards flexible learning and working - New approaches in definition and delivery of Active Labour Market Policies

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The European Training Foundation (ETF) has organized a 2-day seminar, on 8 and 9 March 2023, on active labour market policy approaches focused on the increased flexibility of learning and working patterns.

Rapid structural and technological changes in economies and labour markets of recent years have been further fostered by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Those developments are bringing an intensified competition and transforming work organisation and production processes. The digital and green transitions are undelaying the change, with significant modifications in the type and composition of skills needed. As a result, the nature of work has been moving towards more flexible employment and skills acquisition patterns.

In line with these new demands, many countries are reforming their training systems and developing specific programmes with greater emphasis on flexibility and diversification of training organisation and delivery, as well as validation of non-formal and informal learning.

The objective of the seminar was to stimulate common reflection and discussion on how active labour market policies and training systems can accompany individuals and companies cope with new challenges and opportunities, in particular highly dynamic and flexible learning and working patterns. Special focus will be given to policy making and policy implementation, in particular the role of public employment services (PES).

The event was open to participants from all ETF partner countries. It targeted ministerial and public employment service’s officials, with the aim at providing them with reference background and making space for policy learning through sharing experience and discussing new policy ideas. Participants got acquainted with new developments at EU level, as well as experiences of the ETF partner countries and beyond, in adapting training provision and active labour market policies to changing economic and social needs and making them more responsive to changing requirements.

Working language: English

Interpretation: Arabic and Russian

Post event update: Final Agenda and Speakers' presentations are available below.  

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Final Agenda
PPT John Hurley Eurofound
PPT Klara Engels-Pereny EC
PPT Yosra Troudi Tunisia
PPT Kristina Mazalin Croatia
PPT Somers Fry Sweden
PPT Irina Rubashina Kazakhstan
PPT Ana Radulescu Romania
PPT Survey on Flexible ALMPs (preliminary results)
PPT Balazs Lengyel ELA
ETF ALMPs future activities
Event Report