International workshop on Human Capital Development – building evidence on skills and employment

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is organising an international workshop on skills and employment evidence in the overall context of human capital development policies. For more than one decade, the ETF has pursued the Torino Process as regular monitoring and progress assessment of policies related to vocational education and training in the lifelong learning context. Also, ETF provides support and enables exchanges for the European neighbouring countries to consolidate their evidence systems for active labour market, upskilling and reskilling policies.

Jointly with the Swedish Public Employment Service and Statistics Sweden, the ETF will organise an international workshop, in Stockholm, focused on updates and exchanges concerning latest developments in the areas of education, skills and employment evidence, new data collection methods and priorities for evidence generation, interpretation and dissemination in the EU neighbouring countries.

Three major topics will guide the meeting and mutual exchanges: (i) How to make sense of multiple sources of information and data and build up comprehensive data systems covering education, training and employment policy areas.(ii) Explore the impact of digitalisation on data creation, interpretation and policy use; and (iii) Critical areas for developing capacities in the EU neighbouring countries, and cooperation opportunities.

Participants will hear about novelties in datasets generation on active labour market policies and employment services, types of data, collection methods, storage and policy usage. Participating countries, European and international organisations will also share new angles of data research to inform policies and programmes aimed at supporting transition from joblessness to employment and up/re-skilling.

Participants will also discuss challenges and successes with national collection of data on education and training in the context of international data cooperation, including those collected by the ETF. They will also hear about forthcoming developments such as the next round of Torino Process monitoring and the new PISA for VET project of the OECD and will have an opportunity to discuss and present their own plans for the future.

Field visits and focused discussions will enable hands-on exchanges and peer learning, as well as provide updates concerning latest developments at EU and international level. The event is open to participants from all ETF partner counties, in particular representatives of statistical offices and experts from public employment services or ministries of labour in charge with data management and analysis.


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