DARYA: Using labour market information – anticipating skills and jobs

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The introductory online meeting, which gathered more than 60 participants from five Central Asian countries, provided an overview of key elements regarding labour market information and instruments used to anticipate skills and jobs. In addition, it looked at key indicators that are relevant for monitoring education, skills and employment as well as recent developments in the area of data and monitoring in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Gathering intelligence on current and future skills needs can support better matching of training and jobs, which is of paramount importance for every country in the world, especially in the context of dynamic and complex labour markets. Skills matching can then help to reduce unemployment, particularly among young people. It also helps to build a better life for individuals by improving employability, social mobility and inclusion.

Recording of the event

Session 1: Anticipation of skills and data collection instruments

Session 2: Key indicators on education, skills and employment

Session 3: Labour market information system in the region of Central Asia

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