Comparing Regional Qualifications Initiatives Around the Globe


The ETF study Regional Qualifications Initiatives around the Globe 2020, was developed by ETF to map the latest developments of Regional Qualifications Frameworks (RQFs) and explore the feasibility of comparison with the EQF (European Qualifications Framework).

The study was undertaken in the framework of the work of the project group on Comparison of the EQF with other RQFs and NQFs (National Qualifications Frameworks). While there is a lot of literature on NQFs, the literature on RQFs is much more limited, and there was a need to get a better overview of the RQF initiatives in the world in order to understand the potential for comparison with the EQF.

The study showed that there are more RQF initiatives existing than were known before, but many of them are still in an early stage of development. RQFs share common features and challenges but are also unique in many ways. Much of the information on RQFs was obtained through interviews as only limited information is available online. The COVID crisis has changed the way RQFs were perceived and functioned. 

The interviews that were organized with representatives of the RQF initiatives clearly showed a strong interest in the findings of the study and in collaboration and dialogue between RQFs and with EQF. The webinar is therefore an opportunity to discuss the role of RQFs and exchange views on how to support dialogue and cooperation, beyond the comparison with the EQF. 

Participants will be from the RQF initiatives, the EQF AG (Advisory Group), European Commission DG EMPL, Cedefop and ETF, the WRLs Group organized by Unesco and organisations supporting the development of RQFs.

In order to bridge the time difference between global participants the event is organized in two parts: A discussion on the morning of 19 May with participants from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. This discussion will have translation in English and French
A second session and discussion is planned for the afternoon of 19 May for participants from Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America and the Commonwealth of learning Secretariate. This discussion will be in English and Spanish.

The workshop is part of ETF’s work on the internationalization of qualification systems and will feed into its support for the maximalization of the currency of qualifications and international transparency. 

ETF will follow up with conclusions from the discussion and is committed to develop a dedicated page on RQFs on ETF Open Space (please sign in to access) to facilitate the exchange of information and dialogue.

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