Labour Market Information in Transformation: focus on Big Data.

Webinar of the Make it Match Network and partners

Labour Market Information in Transformation 
Focus on Big Data for LMIS 

Webinar of the Make it Match Network and partners 
10 December 2020,

Labour Market Information in Transformation 
Focus on Big Data for LMIS 

13.00-15.45 (Universal Time) corresponding to 14.00 (Italy), 13.00 (Tunisia), 15.00 (Ukraine), 16.00 (Addis)

Multi-lingual Webinar (English-French-Russian)

As per the tradition established since June 2015, the activities and workshops of the “Make it Match Network” of Eastern Partnership discuss a range of skills anticipation and matching instruments and concrete application cases. The focal theme of this webinar is Big Data for LMISpractical application for demand analysis (Tunisia and Ukraine). Besides, we have the privilege to learn more on: 

  • ESCO: the new skills hierarchy. Uses of ESCO skills for comparison of qualifications and skills matching. 
  • Graduate Tracking in the European Union – Experts’ Group work: outputs and next steps  

Big Data for LMI 

A new world of data analytics… 

Skills intelligence as business as usual is not enough to understand the direction and extent of the transformation of tasks, jobs, skills and qualifications prompted by a wave of drivers of change, which boosted the digitalisation of most processes in our societies. New data analytics have emerged to advance skills intelligence and complement conventional statistics, surveys and administrative data. 

Data is being called the new oil. Digitalisation of processes, services, businesses, personal and social interactions generates a growing mass of data across the globe. Creating knowledge out of large volumes of data, available with high velocity and variety is the major goal of Big Data analysis.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are not only changing the labour market, but also giving us new tools for analysing the workforce. Job vacancies or job advertisements are published, refreshed, updated in large numbers through websites of different types, size and coverage. These vast data sources are essential to understand the dynamics and functioning of Web Labour Markets, and of changing employers’ recruitment choices.

ETF works with the data analytics specialists of University Milano-Bicocca and Burning Glass Technologies. The data system is based exclusively on demand (online job vacancies – OJV).  Started in 2018 the project elaborated first a brief methodological handbook “Big Data for labour market intelligence: an introductory guide” (2019) available in English, French and Russian. A training programme for experts of the “Make it Match Network” of Eastern Partnership was a success in November 2019.  

Application started in 2019 with a feasibility analysis of the web labour markets of Morocco and Tunisia, resulting in a comprehensive report assessing and ranking online job vacancy (OJV) portals. The establishment of an integrated system for data collection, processing, classification, analysis and visualisation is the core of the work in 2020, in two pilot countries: Tunisia and Ukraine. The data system has been completed and the first full data release (with data up to end October 2020) is available in two interactive country Dashboards:

Tunisia and Ukraine.  

Time has come to discuss these results with the experts of the “Make it Match Network”, and experts of other regions and continents. This is the objective of this webinar. 


Follow up information - please note that the video recordings in the 3 languages of the webinar are published for you at: EN version RU version FR version

Participants: from Eastern Partnership countries, Enlargement countries, Africa and European Commission. 

Thematic coordinator Big Data LMI project: Eduarda Castel-Branco,


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