ETF Key Indicators 2010

In 2010 the ETF launched a series of reviews of VET policies and systems in all of its partner countries known as the Torino Process. In order to inform these assessments with quantitative data, the ETF put in place a collection of VET policy and system indicators.

This paper is primarily intended as a ready source of information for national policy-makers and the international community on the state of play of VET policies and systems in ETF partner countries. By including data for the EU-27, this paper also sets out to inspire policy learning and dialogue both between the European Union and partner countries, and among the partner countries themselves. The paper is intended to enhance awareness among policy-makers in partner countries of the importance of indicators in driving the policy cycle, and of the availability and sources of VET policy and system indicators in their country and region.

This paper can be read on its own, or as a complement to the ETF Torino reports and country studies, which are available on the ETF website.

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