DARYA: Peer learning visit - National Qualifications System in Latvia

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The understanding of what are the key elements, mechanisms, and roles in the National Qualifications system to support lifelong learning is highly important. In this perspective, DARYA in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia is organising a peer learning activity to dive into the Latvian qualifications system (LQS) to see how the above challenges are addressed by Latvia. The focus of the PLA therefore is on how the LQS supports lifelong learning, and how it supports participation of labour market stakeholders in lifelong learning.


  • To introduce the LQS, focusing on its support to lifelong learning, and support to participation of labour market stakeholders in lifelong learning,
  • To explore the impact of the LQS and the Latvian Qualifications Framework (LQF) on the individuals, companies, society in Latvia,
  • To showcase LQS arrangements (institutional roles, stakeholders’ roles, quality assurance mechanisms) at different levels: implementation/grassroot level (education and training providers – both formal and non formal; validation providers), system level (Ministry, interministerial level), technical/coordination level (Academic Information Center, Sectoral expert councils, Confederation of employers, QA bodies),
  • To provide an insight on the work of Sectoral Expert Councils,
  • To showcase regional cooperation between the three Baltic states in the area of qualifications,
  • To support self-reflection and analysis of own country systems by representatives from Central Asian countries

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