Webinar of ETF forum for quality assurance in VET - tracking of VET graduates: experience of Morocco and the Netherlands


The ETF QA Forum is a transnational collaboration initiative between national institutions with VET quality assurance mandates in ETF’s partner countries. The aim of the Forum is to support member countries to modernise and improve quality assurance in VET.

Understanding of the performance of VET graduates in the labour market is one of the key sources for assessing and improving the quality and labour market relevance of VET. In 2017 the European Council issued the Recommendation on tracking graduates. It stresses the need to improve the availability and quality of data about the activities of graduates in order to both understand the causes of graduate employability problems in particular regions, economic sectors or for graduates from particular education and training disciplines, and to identify solutions for those employability problems.

It also recommends broad dissemination and exploitation of the results of graduate tracking analysis in order to improve career guidance, updating of curricula, skills matching, and planning & forecasting of employment and educational needs.

How and whether graduate tracking data is used varies between countries. The different approaches vary between some VET providers using surveys to get learner feedback, and those countries where there is a national system based on administrative data covering every student/learner. Through the webinar we will explore the approaches of two countries: Morocco and the Netherlands.


For more information on the webinar, please check the dedicated blog & materials on the ETF Open Space platform: ETF Webinar on graduate tracking: experience of Morocco and the Netherlands | Open Space (europa.eu)

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