DARYA: Enhancing trust in qualifications​

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The event is part of a series of familiarisation events in DARYA Module 2. Familiarisation events will preceed the capacity building activities and are aimed providing basic familiarisation on the key elements included in the Thematic Module 2 and establishing a joint understanding among the countries of Central Asia on concepts, definitions, state of play and challenges in the reform of national qualifications systems.  

Objectives of the meeting 

  • To present important quality assurance elements from a qualification system perspective as part of wider and systemic quality assurance approach, 

  • To discuss the links between quality assurance of qualifications in the national context and regional/international transparency of qualifications, 

  • To reflect in country groups and regional group on the trust towards qualifications in the countries, identify strengths, weaknesses and challenges, 

  • To share experience of Central Asian and European Union countries – existing mechanisms for quality assurance of qualification standards, assessment and certification; coordinating institutions, involved stakeholders

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