DARYA: Monitoring of skills demand for relevant qualifications

The peer-learning workshop will focus on how to use labour market information, sectoral studies and employers’ survey in particular, to anticipate skills and jobs and to inform the development of occupational standards and curricula. This workshop will provide information on the objectives, implementation as well as usage of skills anticipation tools, also showing several examples from the EU countries. In addition, the event will focus on how to use such information in the area of qualifications and curricula development.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To present and discuss practical experience with the implementation and usage of sectoral studies and employers’ surveys from CA countries and selected EU countries
  • To develop together strategies for the skills need analysis at sectoral level fitting specific country contexts
  • To identify jointly the areas and practices where the usage of skills needs information is essential
  • To identify recommendations/lessons learnt and follow-up actions within the DARYA project

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