ETF-ILO joint event on “Career development support at the heart of lifelong learning systems”

ILO-ETF 27.10

Global developments increase the need of individuals to deal with more frequent and complex transitions in education, work and employment modalities, as well as into and from unemployment. This holds true for all diverse groups of young people and adults, who need to develop readiness to engage in lifelong learning (LLL) and the necessary skills and knowledge to manage their careers. This requires career development support to undergo a paradigm shift, moving from only helping individuals making educational choices in specific moments, towards empowering individuals to construct their careers along their life course.

Yet building effective career management and support systems requires the broad participation of all relevant stakeholders in data and information collection and in the validation of system review results that provide the basis for developing a joint understanding of the existing system among multiple stakeholders and an entry point for reflection on a joint vision for system development. This is required as career development support cuts across many policy areas and is the responsibility of many different stakeholders, from education and training, to employment, health and social policy.


Objectives of the online policy dialogue

Key topics covered in the event include

  • The role of career development support in LLL systems
  • The importance of context sensitive approaches to national career development support systems
  • Lessons learned from national reform experiences with system building
  • The role of donors and social partners in supporting system enhancement
  • Lessons learned from national system reviews


After participation in the event participants will

  • Better understand how career development support is at the heart of building LLL systems
  • Be aware about the role of career development support in national reforms and initiatives in employment, training, education, social inclusion, youth, amongst other policy areas
  • Be informed about the new ETF-ILO paper and its relevance for their networks
  • The added value of integrating career development support into donor support programmes
  • Understand the value of the new IAG leaflet as an information and advocacy tool for career guidance


The working language for this online event will be English with simultaneous interpretation into Arabic, French, Russian, and Spanish.


To attend the webinar, registration is required:


If you wish to follow the webinar without registering, please check our Youtube Live Streaming at this link.


Florian Kadletz 
Pedro Moreno da Fonseca 

Agenda to be available soon.

More information

Concept Note
AGENDA - ETF-ILO Joint Event on "Career development support at the heart of lifelong learning systems" - 27/10/21
Session 3 - "Investing in Career Guidance" - Mr Anthony Mann (OECD)