GLAD online seminar on the role of stakeholders in developing and managing vocational qualifications: what works and what doesn’t for Civil Society and Social Partners?

How do Civil Society and Social Partners contribute to the qualifications system, in particular to the development, governance, use of data, and validation of qualifications? Based on concrete practical example from the Polish VCC Foundation focussing on certifying professional qualifications, especially in the informal and non-formal systems this seminar of the GLAD Network is an opportunity of mutual exchange and learning.

The online session will focus on:

  • How civil society is involved into 4 areas linked to the qualifications system: development, governance, use of data and validation;
  • Compare different participation modalities, their strengths and challenges,

with the aim of preparing ground for a well-informed position on the contribution of civil society and social partners to the validation of qualifications.

This event therefore focuses on acquiring knowledge that is action-oriented, namely as contribution to relevant decision-making, which is an important part of the method of GLAD.

The seminar will be in English.

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Agenda in English
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