Webinar of ETF forum for quality assurance in VET - self-assessment of schools

In these challenging times, providers of education and training have been in the spotlight as never before. They have proved their centrality not only as formal providers of education, but also as points of reference and pillars of support for communities of learners, families and state authorities. This has presented additional challenges to providers – and has given more relevance to the mechanisms of quality and improvement management.

The Forum for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (QA Forum) of the European Training Foundation (ETF) organised a webinar dedicated to self-assessment of schools on 25 June 2020

The ETF QA Forum is a transnational collaboration initiative between national institutions with VET quality assurance mandates in ETF’s partner countries. The aim of the Forum is to support member countries to modernise and improve quality assurance in VET.

Through this webinar, we  shared experiences of Estonia and Montenegro in the self – assessment of schools – from the legal basis to implementation, and links with external assessment. 

Webinar outcomes and materials

The recording of the webinar,  the materials and an area for discussion can be accessed through the ETF Open Space page: https://openspace.etf.europa.eu/events/webinar-self-assessment-schools-experience-estonia-and-montenegro

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This event was organised by the European Training Foundation (www.etf.europa.eu). If you have questions on the content of the webinar, please contact the ETF senior expert, Mounir Baati, at mba@etf.europa.eu.


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