GLAD (Governance, Learning, Action, Dialogue) network meeting: 2023 priorities

The objective of this meeting is to agree on the GLAD network 2023 priorities and on the ways of achieving them.

When in 2022, the GLAD (Governance Learning Action Dialogues) network was mainly focussed on Learning and Dialogue to exchange practices, to create knowledge and implement governance based on a partnership, in 2023, we are ready to give more space on Action by organising mutual learning, share of methodologies, providing resources such as expertise and advice, small-scale action research, peer-learning events to exchange information and practice from the EU and the global community.

For this, we invite to meet us on Tuesday, 24 January 2023 @14.00-15.30 CET – and let us know your view on GLAD’s next steps; what would be the most useful way to advance governance in your country or region?

The year 2022 confirmed the prominent priorities in the field of participatory governance. Based on the feedback received during more than 10 seminars, the priorities to be continued in 2023 are:

Civil Society Organisations are a relevant actor in lifelong learning. The ETF plans to: support the integration of CSOs in the Youth Guarantee implementation in the Western Balkans; carry out the CSO study in Moldova and an activity in 1-2 regions in Ukraine; and hold a conference in the framework of the European Year of Skills, together with the European Commission in Brussels.

GLAD will also work in cooperation with social partners, mainly Unions and Business Representative Organisations, given that all stakeholders underlined the need to promote a stronger and renewed role for social dialogue in human capital development. The approach will seek opportunities to encourage cooperation with civil society organisations where their activities complement each other.

Quality Assurance is quintessential in strengthening lifelong learning systems. Specifically, we will continue the peer learning and peer visits in the QA Forum, while at the same time GLAD will start a country-based activity in Armenia, and it will reinforce advice in Georgia and Tunisia. The ETF will also support the design of a new EU project in Moldova.

Resilience has become a key feature of governance, specifically we will disseminate the concept and practice of resilience in education, training and employment systems starting in Lebanon, Moldova, Palestine and Serbia, to be followed up by an activity with interested countries.

Mutual learning remains central in GLAD! Online dialogues among the diversity of stakeholders that engage in participatory governance will continue. At this stage, we have requests about: teacher unions’ role in lifelong learning; governance of work-based learning; national VET councils and other governance bodies; role of state and non-state actors in the greening of the economy.

The meeting will be held on Zoom in English with interpretation into Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Russian.

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