DARYA: Exploring the feasibility of a Regional qualifications framework

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The webinar on 17 July and 15 September will focus existing international and regional examples of structured cooperation on skills and qualifications: regional and cross regional qualifications frameworks, international sectoral frameworks, the role of electronic databases/registers in promoting international transparency. The event is part of a series of familiarisation events in DARYA Module 2. Familiarisation events will preceed the capacity building activities and are aimed at providing basic familiarisation on the key elements included in the Thematic Module 2 and establishing a joint understanding among the countries of Central Asia on concepts, definitions, state of play and challenges in the reform of national qualifications systems. 

Objectives of the meeting:

  • To start a reflection on the added value of cooperation on qualifications in Central Asia, 
  • To learn about the first findings of the DARYA feasibility study on the regional cooperation in the area of qualifications in Central Asia: evidence from ongoing processes in Central Asia with pertinence to skills and qualifications (economy and trade, strategic drivers, labour migration and education mobility)  
  • To familiarize with existing examples of regional and international cooperation on qualifications: European Qualifications Framework, development of the African Continental Qualifications Framework 
  • Identify specific needs for the capacity building sessions which follow the familiarization phase 

Target audience:  

Practitioners/technical level staff from relevant institutions (Ministries of Labour, Ministries of Education, VET and skills agencies, qualifications and quality assurance bodies), employers’ organisations, sectoral and professional organisations, educational institutions, trade unions, institutions responsible for the recognition of qualifications and diplomas. 

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