GLAD online seminar on Vocational Excellence – how to make it system-wide?

Excellence in education can have different forms and definitions: while some understand vocational excellence as synonymous with high-quality vocational education and training, others see excellence in providing learners with skills and abilities which guarantee employment through their labour market relevance.

Researchers have identified horizontal and vertical dimensions of vocational excellence. By the horizontal dimension, it is meant infrastructure, human resources, pedagogical landscape, systems and processes and stakeholder collaboration, while the vertical dimension includes innovation, greening and digitalisation. It is in this context that the vocational education and training excellence model serves as a framework and guideline to practitioners to achieve vocational excellence through continuous improvement and collaboration between public and private sectors at both national and international levels. All this explained by Ms Mervi Jansson, Chair of VETQA, OEP (Omnia Education Partnerships), Finland. 

The angle of the discussions is from the (system) governance perspective and in particular: how to make the centres of excellence spread system-wide, and what kind of governance mechanism would be necessary for that. With practical example from the Republic of Moldova - by Mr Silviu Gincu, Head of VET Department of the Ministry of Education and Research.

The event therefore focuses on acquiring knowledge that is action-oriented, namely as contribution to relevant decision-making, which is an important part of the method of GLAD.

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Presentation by Mervi Jansson