Web conference to review self-assessment tool for ETF Network for Excellence

ETF, working together with the European Commission and its Partner Countries has created the ETF Network for Excellence (ENE).  This is a network of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) who want to learn from one another, collaborate, improve their own practices, innovate, set up partnerships and provide support or leadership for other CoVEs. 

ETF proposes that the Network should develop its own Framework for Vocational Excellence, a self-assessment tool. The Framework will consist of indicators which are formulated in a manner so as to be useful to guide development for as many members of the Network as possible.

The framework will help ENE members to self-assess their current level of development in the light of shared indicators and to establish priorities and set developmental goals taking into account their own aims and contexts.  The framework will also permit CoVEs to review their own progress on an annual basis. 

The aim of the meeting is to validate the tool by directly involving in the meeting not only ETF experts, but also external experts from international organizations (such as GIZ and ENABEL). ETF very much values cooperation with experts in this field, in order to share experience and improve the quality of tools.  This meeting builds on an earlier meeting in October 2019 during which ETF’s publication on CoVEs was reviewed and experience of CoVE development was shared.  


The web-conference is not public, but by invitation only


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