Skills Development Initiatives for Enterprises: Sharing Findings of the Initial Mapping and Concrete Examples

During the COVID19 pandemic, in 2020, the ETF carried out an initial mapping of initiatives and programs focusing on skills for enterprise development in the partner countries of the EU Neighbourhood* and Central Asia region. 

The objectives of the mapping were to:  

  • Scan through existing programs and networks at both international and national level focusing on enterprise development and targeting sustainability, greening, innovation and resilience to COVID19 impact;  

  • Verify if, within these programs, a skills dimension is present and what are the target groups, the other stakeholders involved and the expected outcomes. This includes new skills development programs, reskilling and upskilling targeting entrepreneurs, management, workers, and also future entrepreneurs; 

  • Describe the methods used in skills development (such as traditional training, mentoring, coaching, etc) and which tools are used (e.g. enterprise training needs analysis). 

The relevance and objectives of the mapping were discussed in a workshop in December 2020 with key stakeholders from ETF partner countries and EU Member states, included intermediary organisations, trade unions, public authorities and international organisations.  

This mapping of initiatives and programs revealed that support to enterprises in response to the COVID19 pandemic was primarily aimed at providing financial assistance for business continuity and means for ensuring a safe working environment. There has been a limited focus on integrating skilling, reskilling and upskilling actions as part of the support services in the emergency and post emergency phases.  

During this workshop the ETF will present the main findings of the mapping and discuss case studies across ETF partner countries.  

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