ETF qualifications database : building on the experience of Ukraine with partner / third countries and the EC services

The ETF has started a feasibility study for the creation of the ETF qualifications database The idea is to assist all partner countries as well as other interested countries to develop their databases of qualifications and link them to the ETF database of qualifications, which will be an online tool that allows countries to share, search and compare their qualifications and ETF to monitor the development of qualifications. At European level the Europass Learning model is bringing together databases of the countries that are part of the EQF. It is developed on a European standard QDR (Qualifications Database Register) derived from common principles for national databases of qualifications laid down in the EQF | 2 Recommendation of 2017, Annex VI. The support of ETF for the register in Ukraine has been built on the principle of developing a compatible national database. The pilot project conclusions suggested that that the EUROPASS learning model could be used as an orientation to further structure the Ukrainian qualifications register in line with the European ones. The EC has also been in contact recently with the National Qualifications Agency in Ukraine. It has pledged to organise a webinar for Ukrainian colleagues on the EUROPASS Learning model. ETF has agreed with the European Commission that the webinar could be opened to other partner countries linking it with the ETF Database initiative. Ukraine is a pilot country for comparing the EQF with the NQF, which may open the door of linking the ETF Qualifications Database to the EUROPASS over time. The European direction is clearly the focus for the Ukrainian developments, but also relevant for other partner countries and third countries. Hence the proposal to extend the event for all partner countries and some African countries involved in the ACQF. 

The aim of this event is to share the European experience on building interoperable databases and linking national databases at the European level. Participants will learn about European learning model and how to ensure compatibility of the national qualifications databases with it. They will also be invited to share their ideas on the way forward with linking national databases of qualifications and the creation of the ETF qualifications database platform. 

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