DARYA: SCAFFOLD regional training session for national trainers

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These days of training, organised by the European Training Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, are part of an extended offer of professional development for educators from all DARYA countries, bringing online and face-to-face peer learning activities to promote understanding and application of the key competences and EU related frameworks for Entrepreneurship, Digital, Sustainability and Personal, Social and Learning-to-learn competences for educators in Central Asia. This regional event is one part of an in-depth DARYA SCAFFOLD programme including webinars, micro-learning, in-person training and national competitions that will reach thousands of educators from 2024-2025.  

Objectives for participants:

Participants will develop their understanding and practical use of SCAFFOLD as a learning design tool and the four key competence frameworks as competences to be developed through innovative teaching and learning. and how to use SCAFFOLD to design innovative training content that develops key competences.

Learning outcomes - by the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Use SCAFFOLD to embed understanding of four key competence frameworks
  • Create a learning design that illustrates how to use diverse SCAFFOLD teaching and assessment methods within innovative training design relevant to their own teaching context
  • Design educator training ready to train others on why and how to use SCAFFOLD.

Please see the press release here: PRESS RELEASE - EU empowers Central Asian educators with innovative learning tool | ETF (europa.eu)

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