DARYA: Recognition/validation of prior learning - Stakeholder engagement and governance of qualifications systems

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The seminar on 19 – 21 June will focus on the latest developments, priorities and ongoing practices in the field of recognition/validation of prior learning in the countries of Central Asia and the European Union. The event is part of a series of capacity building & peer learning activities in DARYA Module 2. They are aimed at facilitating an exchange and learning from each other, and improving the capacity of stakeholders in Central Asia on the key areas of qualifications systems reforms.  

Objectives of the meeting: 

  • To learn about policy priorities and latest developments in the area of recognition/validation across Central Asian countries, 

  • To exchange on the ongoing recognition/validation practices in selected economic sectors and in education context across Central Asia, 

  • To familiarize with the EU approach and latest developments on VNFIL – at the EU level and in selected EU Member States, 

  • To exchange on the governance arrangements and stakeholders engagement in recognition/validation and interlinks with wider qualifications systems - across Central Asia and in selected EU member States  

  • To engage in self-assessing own country practices and getting feedback from Central Asian and EU peers  

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