2019 ETF conference: "Skills and qualifications - benefits for people"

Most European Training Foundation (ETF) partner countries now have National Qualification Frameworks in place and are modernising their qualification systems. At the conference on 6 and 7 November, and through our new toolkit, we want to see how countries’ reforms of qualifications and systems are affecting learning and teaching, career guidance and assessment. We want to look at the benefits of policies and practices for people, and how these can be maximised.

We are guided by these core questions: how do people know about skills and qualifications? What types of skills and qualifications do they need?  And how do people acquire them?

And we go further – how do countries need to change curricula, teaching and learning and guidance, so that people can benefit more from skills and qualifications? What new practices and tools need to be developed? 

In the conference we will communicate key findings from our new toolkit, have in-depth discussions in the workshops, share and explore cases of successful practice in the ETF partner countries and the European Union.

Live streaming of the Conference will be available at Benefits for people live streaming

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Link to new ETF toolkit  "Skills & Qualifications: Benefits for People"




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Concept note
Workshop 1 note_Information and Guidance
Workshop 2 note_Flexible curricula
Workshop 3 note_Future role of teachers
Семинар 1_Информация и профориентация
Семинар 2_Гибкие образовательные программы
Семинар 3_Роль преподавателей в будущем
Note de Presentation
Atelier 1_Information et orientation professionnelle
Atelier 2_Programmes de formation flexibles
Atelier 3_L’évolution du rôle des enseignants et des formateurs
Skills and Qualifications Benefit for People 6 and 7 November 2019 flash report