African Continental Qualifications Framework - 3rd peer learning webinar

This is the 3rd peer learning Webinar of the capacity development programme, organised in 2020 by the ACQF-development project.
The ACQF is a policy initiative of the African Union supported by the EU. The peer learning programme is focused on core themes of qualifications frameworks and systems, and contributes to boost engagement of African Union member states and stakeholders and to develop knowledge and a common understanding of key concepts, objectives, and operational instruments of national and regional qualifications frameworks.
Experiences shared at the previous webinars showed similarities and differences in scope, conceptual-technical design, governance and implementation mechanisms.
In July 2020 we learned from the experiences of 4 national qualifications frameworks (Kenya, Slovenia, Mozambique and Ireland) and 2 overarching reference frameworks (European Qualifications Framework and ASEAN Qualifications Reference Frameworks).
At the 3rd Webinar we will learn from key representatives of the national qualifications frameworks of Mauritius, France and Portugal.
Many more interesting African NQF experiences will be in the spotlight at the next webinars until end October 2020.

Contact: Eduarda Castel-Branco,

More information

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