Online event "Innovation and Adaptation of Active Labour Market Policies to Changing Economic and Social Conditions"

Date of the event: 28 October 2021, from 09:30 to 12:45hrs (CET)



Transformations such as digitalisation and greening of economies and the profound impact of Covid-19 pandemic mean that both design and implementation of active labour market policies (AMLPs) will have to be more flexible and reflect a very dynamic labour market situation with more frequent transitions and enhanced fluidity in skills demand.

Changes in the nature of employment and the labour market structure will amplify problems of skills mismatches, unemployment and inactivity and risks of precarious employment. The pandemic crisis has particularly impacted certain groups such as young graduates, women, long term unemployed and people with disabilities. On this backdrop, the institutions and organisations active in the fields of employment and (re)training will need to increase their capacities and design a new generation of ALMPs fit for an increasing diversity of needs and profiles of beneficiaries. 

The European Training Foundation continues the series of learning exchanges between countries to encourage transfers of knowledge and expertise and stimulate innovation in the field of ALMPs with particular focus on skills development implications.

This event will prioritize three topics that are relevant for building an inclusive recovery path and enhancing the efficiency and relevance of activation and (re)skilling programmes:

  • New forms of employment and broader labour market flexibilization: policy implications for activation and reskilling
  • Gender aspects of recovery efforts: addressing the new emerging gender divide of Covid-19 crisis
  • Labour market and skills information systems: how to capture changing socio-economic context in the design of ALMPs.

Target participants: employment and education ministries, Public Employment Services, employers’ organizations, trade unions, non-governmental organisations, researchers, donors, European and international organisations

Working languages of the event are English with interpretation in Arabic, Russian, Albanian, Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin, Macedonian, Turkish.


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Draft Agenda will be uploaded soon. 



Cristina Mereuta,

Elena-Venera Ionita,