Skills intelligence

The ETF supports partner countries in skills intelligence gathering and analysis to support human capital development and the response of vocational education and training systems to labour market and societal needs. We assist policy makers and other stakeholders through expertise, methodologies and tools for a more coordinated approach to labour market information and skills development. The ETF is also making its expertise digitally available to enhance accessability.

The EU Skills Agenda states that skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity, and a vehicle for innovation. It stresses the role of skills intelligence and information for making better career choices and for more effective sector-based skills strategies.  To realise this potential, whether in the EU or its neighbouring countries, requires systematic efforts to tackle skills gaps and mismatches. We have developed a set of six comprehensive guidelines, in partnership with Cedefop and the International Labour Organization, to help our partner countries with skills needs anticipation. The guidelines are practice-oriented tools for policy makers and experts, and apply the latest knowledge and experience from relevant EU practices and initiatives.

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Evaluation of ETF activities in Skills and Employment