ETF and Cedefop partner for European Skills and Jobs Survey (ESJS)

A collaborative project between the ETF and Cedefop, the European Skills and Jobs Survey, was launched in 2021 as a tool to measure peoples’ perceptions of the recent changes of working environments in the aftermath of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Planned for completion in 2023, the project targets all EU countries and a selection of ETF partner countries, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Israel with the possibility of extension to other partner countries in the future. It explores how new technologies and digitalization impacted people’s lifestyle in terms of work and skills (mis)match. The survey also investigates how human resources management affected workers’ adaptation to new disruptions and how their learning practices can be further improved. The practical implications of automation and use of modern technologies to workers’ lives and overall employability are key issues laid out in the European Skills Agenda.

Focused on a target age group of 25 to 64, special attention has been given to developing reliable methodologies to assess employees’ satisfaction through the use of questionnaires and interviews, as well as paying attention to sampling accuracy to ensure inclusiveness, and representativeness. The survey represents one of a periodic series that was first started by Cedefop in 2014 in order to regularly examine labour market dynamics and gather employees’ insights and feedback for designing more informed and evidence-based policy interventions. Around 1000 responses are expected with the sampling strategy adopted. The survey fieldwork will only be done in autumn, and results will be available in 2023.

Further information can be found on the Cedefop website here.

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