Study on employment and further paths of graduated youth from Vocational and Technical schools in Azerbaijan

The tracer study aims at identifying employability and paths to and in employment of VET graduates. The survey was carried out in the urban zones of Baku and Sumgait in the period December 2004-mid February 2005.

The study shows that VET graduates between 2000 and 2002 were, at the moment of the survey, not well positioned in the labour market: 65% were not employed, only 6% studied further and 28% only had a job. On top of that, the large majority of employed worked in jobs fully unrelated to the received vocational qualification. Employability varies across professional families. Highest rates of unemployment are registered among graduates having a diploma of the professional families “culture and education” (72.1%), “chemical-technological” (69.8%) and “economy, administration and law” (68.7%). The best employment rates are registered among graduates of the professional families “care services, catering, tourism, sports” and “technical, mechanical and construction”. Employment services play a minor role in job seeking solutions, as only 2% of respondents used this channel successfully. Informal channels - friends and relatives - act as the most used and successful intermediary for job seeking, as well as source of information on available opportunities, and even as guidance on career and professions.

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