Regional Meeting on Education Reforms and Skills in Eastern Partnership

The workshop on Education Reforms and Skills in Eastern Partnership will take place in Turin on 3-4 October 2023 and is designed to introduce and tailor a regional programme aimed at enhancing education systems in the EaP countries. The workshop aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Introduction of the Programme: The workshop will provide an overview of the upcoming regional programme, including its three pillars and how they will be implemented.
  • Tailoring the Programme: Country-specific discussions will be conducted with each delegation to customize the programme based on their respective policy priorities and capacity needs. These discussions will focus on priority education levels, functions of the education system, and expectations for the Rapid Education Diagnosis (RED) and capacity development needs under the Programme.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The workshop aims to initiate networking among key stakeholder institutions that will play a vital role in the programme's implementation.

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