Development and implementation of modular training programmes

The aim of the seminar is to discuss the development of modular training programmes by schools or groups of schools together with local companies and their implementation. It looks at the role of schools and in particular teachers and trainers in the design and implementation of modular training programmes.

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Agenda Seminar Modular Training Programmes Kyiv 27_03_19_EN
Agenda Seminar Modular Training Programmes Kyiv 27_03_19_UKR
Session_1_Kaie Piiskop_RU
Session_1_Tomi Ahokas_EN
Session_1_Kaie Piiskop_eng
Session_1_Tomi Ahokas_UKR
Петро Лузан 27.03.19
Session 2_Petro Luzan_EN
Session 2 Natalia Samoilenko_UKR
Session 2_Natalia Samoilenko_EN
Session 2_Svitlana Zhukhevich_UKR
Session 2_Svitlana Zhukhevich_EN
Session 2_Olga Slyusareva_UKR
Session 2_Olga Slyusareva_EN
Session 2_Inna Semeniuk_UKR
Session 2_Inna Semeniuk_ENG
Session_3_Tomi Ahokas_EN
Session_3_Tomi Ahokas_UKR
Session 3 Natalia Kliasen_UKR
Session 3 Natalia Kliasen_EN
Session 3_Nataliya Osina_UKR
Session 3_Nataliya Osina_EN
Session 3_Svitlana Mozgova_UKR
Session 3_Svitlana Mozgova_EN
Session 3_Yuriy Podolich_UKR
Session 3_Yuriy Podolych_EN
Session 3_Natalia Melnyk
Session 3_Natalia Melnyk_EN
Session 4_Juha Lahtinen_EN
Session 4_Juha Lahtinen_UA
Session 4_Mervi Jansson_EN
Session 4_Mervi Jansson_ukr
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