Study visit on employment and skills policies to promote youth employability and transition to work

This event addresses Bosnia and Herzegovina employment and skills development institutions’ representatives and has as main objective to ensure knowledge transfer from Portugal to Bosnia and Herzegovina on promoting policies and programmes that would enable a swifter transition to work and raise employability levels among young graduates and jobseekers. It is organised with the support of the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) of Portugal.
During the study visits the participants will:
- be exposed to innovative approaches implemented in Portugal to better address young graduates and jobseekers, secure transition from school to work and stimulate job creation;
- learn new mechanisms currently in place in Portugal to reach out, monitor and evaluate outcomes of integrated policies and programmes for jobseekers, with a focus on youth;
- learn about the Portugal experience on youth policies and programmes – design, implementation, monitoring, use of EU funds, approaches to Youth Guarantee.
The activities proposed during the event include the presentation of more impactful employment and skills development programmes, through closer monitoring and stronger cooperation with business side and other relevant actors and site visits to training providers, employment services and nongovernmental organisations active in the field of youth employment promotion.

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