Multilingual Webinar on SELFIE Work-Based Learning in Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Georgia

Montenegro, Turkey, the Republic of Serbia and Georgia have prioritised digital skills and digital learning in several policy and strategies papers and have already undertaken several related initiatives including the pilot and the scale-up of SELFIE. 

In this context and in line with the co-operation framework agreed between the involved countries Ministry of Education and the European Training Foundation (ETF) for 2020, the aim of this event is to pilot new module of SELFIE for Work-Based Learning (SELFIE WBL) in a set of VET schools/colleges and companies. 

SELFIE is a tool developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission3 that aims to support the innovative use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in primary schools and secondary general and vocational schools, and support the development of digital competence of learners. 

SELFIE can guide schools in a self-reflection process on their progress towards comprehensive integration and effective deployment of digital technologies into teaching, learning and student assessment. 

In 2019, DG EMPL and the JRC B.4 have undertaken a feasibility study to extend SELFIE to work-based learning. As a result, SELFIE has been extended with a set of new questions that aims to support VET schools/providers and companies providing work-based learning to reflect on how they jointly embed digital technologies in their teaching and learning practices and how it could be improved.  

More specifically, the SELFIE WBL module, additionally to the existing three SELFIE user groups (school leaders, teachers and students) will include the in-company trainers as a user group. This will allow VET schools and companies to jointly self-reflect on their digital readiness, with VET schools coordinating the exercise. It is important to notice that the feasibility study did not find similar tools for work-based learning.  

The objectives of the webinar are: 

  • Inform on the European Commission’s VET initiatives and the link to SELFIE WBL 

  • Inform on progress of the SELFIE WBL in EU countries 

  • Discussing the findings from the pilot of the SELFIE WBL module in Montenegro, Georgia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey 

Participants will include national stakeholders involved in the project, primarily from the Ministries of Education and VET national agencies, together with school managers and educators involved in the pilot, and in-company trainers and other relevant national stakeholders such as the chamber of commerce. 

This event and the subsequent results of pilot of SELFIE WBL will inform the next steps for the finalisation of SELFIE WBL and drivers and challenges for a broader/system-wide view of SELFIE WBL within national education and training systems. 


Contact: Alessandro Brolpito, 

More information

Session 1 - Introduction to SELFIE WBL Pilot
Session 2 - EU VET policies related to SELFIE for Work-Based Learning
Session 3 - SELFIE WBL pilot in Georgia: progress and preliminary findings
Session 3 - SELFIE WBL pilot in Montenegro: progress and preliminary findings
Session 3 - SELFIE WBL pilot in Serbia: progress and preliminary findings
Session 3 - SELFIE WBL pilot in Turkey: progress and preliminary findings
Session 4 - SELFIE Work-Based Learning Pilot in EU: an overview
Session 5 - A methodology for scaling-up and integrating SELFIE in Education and Training systems
Session 7 - Results of the Break-out Rooms discussions - Jamboard Exercise
Flash Report - Multilingual Webinar on SELFIE WBL in Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey