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DARYA – Dialogue and action for resourceful youth in Central Asia

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Education and training in Central Asia: A new era?

DARYA is the European Union’s first-ever regional project supporting young people in Central Asia through measures fostering inclusion and labour market skills. This five-year project (2022–27), whose contract was signed in June 2022, will be implemented by the European Training Foundation.

DARYA project: What for?

  • To help with the post-Covid recovery in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan by developing the quality and inclusiveness of education, training and employment systems in the region
  • To promote participatory and inclusive dialogue and cooperation mechanisms in each of these countries as well as at regional level
Who are the actors?
  • Key stakeholders in Central Asia: national authorities in charge of vocational education, skills development, and employment and labour market policies; agencies in charge of qualifications and quality assurance; social partners; civil society organisations; statistical bodies; expertise organisations
  • Experts from EU Member States and the development partner community
One project, three thematic modules
  1. Forward-looking skills development through better evidence and analysis of education and training outcomes and skills need
  2. Stakeholder-driven flexible and permeable approaches to qualifications at national and regional levels to allow equal opportunities for all
  3. Flexible and inclusive teaching and learning approaches, based on learning outcomes and relevant to the labour market
Background information

EU’s strategy for Central Asia (2019)

More information

DARYA project presentation
DARYA leaflet