CSOs Survey Dissemination Event - Jordan

Civil society organisations (CSOs) contribute to lifelong learning and the development of vocational skills, in particular through non-formal learning activities and support to informal learning. The EU recognises this important role, among other roles the CSOs play, and it provides support to foster the development of CSOs in Member States and partner countries. 

Building on previous projects and activities in this sector, in 2020 the ETF surveyed the response of CSOs to the Covid19 pandemic in six countries: Albania, Jordan, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The purpose of the survey was to appraise the dynamics of the CSOs’ operational capacity and their resilience in the context of the pandemic crisis. Specifically, the survey covered: the CSOs scope of work in the human capital development sector, their proactivity vs reactivity in a time of emergency, capacity to mobilise resources (human, financial), innovation and anticipation, organisational learning capacity, complementarity with regard to the action of local and national governments, and plans for the future.

With regard to the CSOs scope of work in the human capital development sector, the questionnaire meant the following: 
•    Skills development through non-formal and informal learning of young and adult people; 
•    Employment-related services that support the learning-employment link; 
•    Awareness raising and advocacy on skills development and employment; 
•    Knowledge creation, utilisation and exchange on skills development and employment. 
In December 2020, the ETF made a first dissemination of the survey results in an online event involving all six countries, whereas at present is planning online events in each country for a more extended participation and at the same time more focussed discussion. 

Through these country discussions, the ETF continues advocating the important role that the CSOs play in the development of human capital, more specifically in the non-formal and informal skills development and support to employment. 

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