Workshop on matching supply and demand on the labour market. Value of integrated methods on skills needs research in supporting more impactful education, training and employment policies

This learning and practice exchange event is part of the ongoing support the European Training Foundation is providing to Partner Countries, in particular Enlargement countries, in the field of matching supply and demand on the labour market. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experiences in designing, implementation and policy usage of tools and methodologies for skills needs identification, building on current Montenegrin practices and using as peer examples relevant approaches in EU Member States and ETF partner countries.
The agenda includes a showcase of Portuguese experience in building capacity to plan and deliver labour market relevant programmes for employment and skills, in close cooperation with social partners. In cooperation with the Piedmont Employment Agency, the ETF will facilitate a visit to a Job and Skills Fair (IoLavoro).
The subjects to be discussed during the event are relevant for Montenegro efforts to follow up of the EU Riga Conclusions on the medium term deliverables of VET policies, namely the component on continuous information and feedback loops in initial and continuous VET about labour market demand, e.g. data improvement on career transitions and employability of VET graduates, anticipating new economic trends, strengthening VET stakeholders’ capacity to access and use such data.
The action will also seek to ensure a further dissemination of the new European orientations towards skills development relevant to labour market needs, e.g. new Skills Agenda for Europe, improved sectoral cooperation on skills; Skills Guarantee, recommendation on tracking graduates’ transition to work. Montenegro - ETF cooperation milestones will be also discussed.
The event is designed for decision makers who are tasked with supply-demand matching policies in Montenegro (Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy, Employment Agency, representatives of social partners).

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