Working together on VET Good Multilevel Governance in Moldova: Moving forward for implementing assessments findings and policy recommendations

MLG Moldova - Online meeting 19-20 November 2020

The Ministry of Education Culture and Research (MECR) of the Republic of Moldova and the European Training Foundation (ETF) are working together very closely, since the beginning of 2020, on assessing effectiveness -and efficiency- of VET system in Moldova.

This has been done using ETF VET Good Multilevel Governance toolbox ([1]). The review of institutional arrangements of VET system in the country addressing the key areas of VET good multilevel governance and financing are key pillars of this -joint- work.

Due to COVID 19, the review of institutional arrangements -as mid-term deliverable- was discussed and agreed by Moldovan high-level stakeholders, in ETF webinar (30 June 2020) ([2]). This discussion validated work done in the first phase and allowed to kick starting second one, which has produced three additional types of deliverables:

  • An advisory report focusing on VET practices which could support to drive system change in the country
  • An assessment report on governance and financing practices based on ETF methodology VET governance inventory 4.0 
  • A final advisory report with main conclusions and policy recommendations/options, inclucing possible time frame for implementation. 

These deliverables prove that the ETF team -and stakeholders in Moldova (about 40 institutions/organisations and/or their units have been engaged in different phases)- have shown strong resilience to COVID19 crisis. Now it is time to share with and present such reports to main stakeholders in the country, in order to identify possible ways and timing for implementing proposed institutional reforms in VET sector within lifelong learning (LLL) perspective.   

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