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The National Qualifications Framework (NQF): a new impetus towards improved Governance, Instruments and Outcomes

In line with the activities launched in Moldova in 2019, this workshop combines debate and knowledge-sharing related to the Moldovan national qualifications framework. The main expected outcomes of this workshop are:

  • To debate and share views on the ongoing NQF-related reforms in Moldova and on the perspectives for further development;
  • To reinforce structured dialogue among stakeholders and government institutions on the development of qualifications, the NQF and its instruments; discuss possibilities, modalities and formats to develop a more systematic basis for sustained dialogue and joint work to operationalise the NQF;
  • To share information on NQF registers and how they contribute to make the NQF closer to users and to rise the transparency of the system;
  • To update the Moldovan stakeholders on key and interesting developments of qualifications systems and frameworks in the EU, in view of the EU-Moldova association agenda and other cooperation goals;
  • To synergise with the actions planned and implemented by the EU Twinning project.;
  • To share results of the consultation to develop the roadmap for action of the sector committees.

More information

Session 1. Realizări și perspective în dezvoltarea Cadrului Național al Calificărilor din Republica Moldova
Session 2. National Qualification Frameworks: a global phenomenon
Session 3. NQF - French Case
Session 3 . France_tools and links
Session 5. Qualification Register Portalul public RNC
Session 6. NQF Lithuania
Session 7. Sectorial Committees in Moldova: Roadmap for Action
EQF Recommendation in Romanian
EQF Infographic
Sector Committees in Moldova: partnership with private sector
New ETF Toolkit "Skills and Qualifications - benefits for people" (in RU)
Flash report