"Turkey Education Vision 2023" Conference

Following the requests from the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MoNE) and the European Union Delegation (EUD) in Ankara, ETF responded positively to support the discussion within the framework of the Torino Process implementation in Turkey. The Conference has been jointly organised by the Turkish Ministry the EU Delegation to Turkey, the ETF and EBRD under the title “Turkey's Education Vision 2023 (EV 2023) in the context of the EU Education and Training Framework (ET 2020)” ( 25-26 February, Ankara, Turkey).

The conference was attended by 185 participants from Turkey, from EU Member States and from relevant international public and private institutions, academia and representatives from the civil society with expertise in the education and training sector. The Conference followed a working group format to allow for experts’ exchange and result-oriented specialised discussions.

The objectives of the conference were:

  • Participants exchange ideas regarding the details of the Turkey Education Vision 2030, objectives and targets as well as the educational reform agenda framework of the European Union, i.e. the ET2020 and related practices in Turkey and inside the EU.
  • For the EV2023 targets, further operationalisation was explored, such as setting of performance indicators, identification of stakeholders and responsibilities and action planning with a realistic timeline.

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