Training for teacher trainers in video pedagogy and its use in VET

The ETF will organise, in partnership with Swisscontact’s S4J project and with the National VET Agency in Albania (NAVETQ), a short training on the use of video pedagogy in vocational education. The training event will consist of two training days which are planned to take place in Tirana, Albania on the 3rd and 4th September. This event is a training for teacher trainers from ETF's partner countries that aims to enable those teacher trainers to improve their own understanding and skills with respect to video pedagogy and also to learn how to pass on these skills to other teachers in their own countries.

The aim of the training is to improve knowledge and skills with respect to: 1) use of video for educational purposes 2) pedagogical dimension of using video, and 3) how to prepare training for teachers relating to video pedagogy.


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