Policy Learning Workshop: Financial and non-financial incentives for dual education in Kazakhstan. Which ways and means for engaging stakeholders?

The ETF regional project on work-based learning in VET (‘Skills Connexion’) aims to promote policy development and implementation of work-based learning in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. During the period of the project implementation in 2015-2017, the following has been achieved:
• Mapping of the work-based learning (WBL) landscape in 7 partner countries;
• Analysis of the feasibility of WBL schemes based on the readiness tool developed by the ETF and on the priorities identified by national stakeholders;
• Identification of ways to enhance employers engagement in WBL through focus groups;
• Supporting policy development in WBL by organisation of Peer-learning Activities (PLA) to Cardiff, UK (January 2016), Astana, Kazakhstan and Barcelona, Spain (October 2016) and Stockholm, Sweden (August 2017);
• Sharing existing good practices in the partner and EU countries during PLA visits and the previous Regional Meetings (Minsk June 2015, Turin 2016 and Chisinau 2017);
• Improvement of stakeholders’ co-operation at various levels through focus groups;
• Supporting the capacity development of VET stakeholders.
ETF support in 2015/2016 focused on helping the Kazakh stakeholders (i) to carry out a mapping and inventory of WBL in Kazakhstan (ii) and to set up a national focus group to discuss WBL priorities for the country using the readiness tool developed by ETF.
In 2017, the ETF supports the implementation of the National roadmap on dual education that stresses the importance of companies’ engagement. Following the results of the focus group (2016) and agreed with Kazakh representatives, this Policy Learning Workshop aims at analysing the financing mechanisms for dual education to make implementation more effective, in particular with regard to incentives.
It makes use of a specific expertise developed by ETF in the field of Governance and Financing of VET and work based learning (here dual education).
The key objectives of the workshop are as follows:
1. Raise awareness and reach a common understanding, across key Kazakh public and private stakeholders, especially companies, on the financial and non- financial incentives for dual education development;
2. Share relevant EU member states experiences of incentives (financial and non-financial) for engaging stakeholders into dual education;
3. Hold preliminary discussions on what needs to be done and how (possible next steps);
4. Prepare the ground for getting wider stakeholders’ commitment to concretely move forward.

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Technical Report: KAZAKH_2017_Workshop_Financing_WBL_Report_FINAL