ETF Network for Excellence – GRETA: Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions - Regional Partnerships – (Green) skills eco-systems - third thematic webinar

Within the ETF Network for Excellence, GRETA Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions - supports CoVEs and VET providers in their greening processes.

In the current phase of GRETA, six online Thematic Webinars are organised from June – January 2023 aiming to present and share good practices in relation to specific themes.

The third thematic session, taking place on 30 September from 12:00 to 14:45 CEST, will focus on regional partnerships and (green) skills eco-systems.

CoVEs are formed by networks of regional partners that develop regional skills eco-systems to provide productivity enhancing skills, and contribute to regional economic growth, through innovation, smart specialisation strategies and industrial clusters.

They establish a bottom-up approach to vocational excellence involving a wide range of local stakeholders enabling VET providers to adapt to green skills provision and stimulating regional business development by working closely with business organisation and enterprises. This cooperation can take forms as applied research projects, creating knowledge and innovation hubs, as well as supporting entrepreneurial and work based initiatives for learners.


Key takeaways from the third Thematic session in GRETA:

  • Knowledge on CoVEs and regional (green) skills eco systems
  • Examples of regional partnerships and the role of VET providers
  • Introduction to a mapping of vocational excellence for the green transition


Interpretation is provided in Ukrainian, Turkish and French.

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Agenda third GRETA thematic meeting
Agenda third GRETA thematic meeting FR
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