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European Year of Skills

The critical role of skills in achieving a sustainable future

Tuesday 9 May 2023 marked the official launch of the European Year of Skills. This special year will put skills centre stage of education and training and will highlight the critical role of skills in supporting sustainable growth and development across Europe and its neighbouring regions.

The world-changing events of the last few years, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the consequences of climate change have left us facing unprecedented challenges that need quick and targeted responses. To adapt to the fast pace of change, we must ensure everybody has access to education and training in order to gain the skills and knowledge that are crucial in our transition to greener, more digital and inclusive societies.

Workforces need to be both dynamic and skilled. Recognition of qualifications from other countries will help companies harness the potential of every working-age adult which in turn, will promote mobility, innovation and support the economic recovery.

The European Year of Skills  An opportunity for EU neighbouring countries?

Skills are the gateway to new opportunities and throughout the year, the European Training Foundation will work with its partners in the EU’s neighbouring regions to ensure they get the most out of this important initiative. For example,

  • We will support vocational teachers and institutions to update curricula in line with the latest developments in environmental and digital teaching.
  • We will support greening activities that can lead to high-impact change at both individual and system levels (through initiatives such as GRETA, the Green Skills Award).
  • We will support young people’s personal and professional development to ensure they can access the labour market and become active and engaged citizens.
  • We will support the development of active labour market policies to help countries address skills mismatch with labour market requirements.

While the future is full of challenges and uncertainties, it is also full of opportunities. The European Year of Skills is a unique occasion for us all to work together to drive forward the changes needed to achieve a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

We are dedicated to developing skills for the future in a lifelong learning context. Follow us throughout the year as we share exciting stories, important developments and innovative solutions from our partners across the EU’s neighbouring regions.