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Young people talk skills – #MySkills4You

What do young people think are the most important skills? What is their perception of what countries are doing to support the development of their skills? The European Training Foundation has asked young people between the ages of 16 and 26 to share their views in videos, in our newly launched #MySkills4You initiative.

The initiative echoes the voices of young citizens from the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood regions and the Western Balkans. As an innovative contribution to the European Year of Skills, #MySkills4You sheds light on the importance of investing in skills in these regions.

In collaboration with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR), the initiative works with the networks of Young European Ambassadors and EU Jeel Connectors from EU Neighbours South, East, and the Western Balkans.

Your voice matters in this global conversation about skills. Join us on our social media channels and share your views on this important topic. Help us shape skills for the future! Participate in #MySkills4You and make your voice heard! Let's work together on skills!


Tamara Stojković, Serbia

Skills: Resilience and negotiation


Tamara, the co-founder of Community for Change, an environmental youth organisation, believes her mentorship at WWF was key in developing her perseverance. Today, she is a committed environmental advocate and shows a deep-seated determination to overcome challenges.
Serbia has made great strides in bringing young people to the decision-making table and educating them on environmental issues. Tamara's experience in negotiation made her able to articulate and champion the aspirations of young people in Serbia.


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Nataliia Balitska, Ukraine

Skills: Self-improvement, adaptability and proactivity


As Nataliia navigates the path of a dedicated student, aspiring civil servant, Young European Ambassador, and project manager for the Women's League NGO, these skills are the guiding stars that light her way.


Amid challenging times, Nataliia's personal commitment to these skills reflects the resilient spirit of her native Ukraine, where the strength of its people shines through as they continue to work, study, and develop, embodying a collective determination to forge a better future against all odds.


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Igor Čulafić, Montenegro

Skills: Creative IT skills


Igor's journey has been one of technical ability and creativity. From a bachelor's in electrical engineering to a master's in artificial intelligence, Igor's workshop is a hub of innovation. His projects demonstrate the importance of creative IT skills and teach essential life skills.
In Montenegro, Igor has found a supportive environment for his technical and creative endeavours. Despite the favourable conditions, he recognises the need to improve access and components for young enthusiasts. His advocacy for improved opportunities aims to prevent skilled individuals from having to seek employment beyond the borders, thus fostering a self-sustaining cycle of talent within Montenegro.


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Abdallah Emad, Egypt

Skills: Public speaking, project management, leadership, and teamwork


Abdallah, a civil engineer from Banha, has transformed from a shy individual into a global changemaker, sharing his journey of personal growth. His diverse skill set has been honed through his role as a climate activist and as the founder of Egypt's first Local Youth Conference.


Abdallah's narrative resonates with Egypt's commitment to empowering its youth, illustrating the transformative impact of merging personal passion with skills development to foster positive societal change.


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Silvana Farruku, Albania

Skills: Research and transferring knowledge


Silvana utilises her research and knowledge transfer skills to unravel questions and make ideas accessible. Her passion for words, refined through linguistic studies, aligns with her broader mission. Living abroad has enriched her with empathy and emotional intelligence.


Driven by her Albanian roots, Silvana is committed to spreading skills opportunities across the country. She envisions a future for Albania where international experience brings back valuable skills, bridging global perspectives with local development.


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Daniela Plămădeală & Valeria Cabac, Moldova

Skills: Project management, programming languages, and critical thinking


Daniela and Valeria, both 19 and immersed in data science studies, believe in a holistic approach to education. With diverse skills and meticulous attention to detail, they are well positioned for success.


Moldova's multilingual talent pool is proving to be a key strength, making the country an attractive hub for effortless cross-border communication and collaboration. Looking ahead, Daniela and Valeria are eager to continue developing and strengthening their skills along this promising path.


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Sophie Abrahamyan, Armenia

Skills: Public speaking


A passionate public speaker, Sophie shares her insights in engaging presentations at Brusov State University in Armenia.


Beyond confidence in expression, she emphasises the crucial role of emotional control in interpersonal communication between Armenians. This nuanced approach reflects Sofi's commitment to promoting balanced and effective dialogue within her community.


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Nargiz Aliyeva, Azerbaijan

Skills: Leadership and management, together with STEM skills


Nargiz, an enthusiastic student from Baku, is passionate about rocket science. Her adept leadership and STEM skills take centre stage at the International Astronautical Congress, where she represents a dynamic satellite team.


Despite Azerbaijan's efforts in skills development, Nargiz advocates for an increased focus on STEM, with a particular emphasis on the inclusion of women. Her vision for the future is clear  a continuous journey of learning to make a significant contribution to a brighter, more innovative future.


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Mariam Kestbaia, Georgia

Skills: Effective communication and teamwork


Mariam, a student of International Law at Tbilisi State University, believes that the ability to communicate effectively and to work in a team are essential skills in today's world. In her opinion, effective communication serves as a cornerstone for articulating viewpoints and arguments with clarity and precision.


Mariam stresses the importance of strengthening these communication and teamwork skills within the Georgian community. In tackling global challenges, she emphasises the urgent need to combat disinformation within her country.


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