Skills Development and Activation Policies in Jordan

Tackling the challenge of skills mismatches

The European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched in 2020 two initiatives aimed at measuring the incidence of skills mismatches in the ETF partner countries as well as assessing innovation and effectiveness of labour market interventions.

In what regards the skills mismatch incidence, the ETF has developed a framework for calculation of key skills mismatch indicators, with focus on vertical and horizontal mismatch, on relevant age groups (e.g. young vs. adults) and types of education (e.g. VET vs. non-VET). In addition, the research took stock of innovation in data interpretation to better inform education and employment policies. A standard set of indicators for measuring skills mismatches is now available for Jordan, in line with data availability, and international and European standard approaches and definitions (e.g. ILO, ILOSTAT, EUROSTAT, CEDEFOP, OECD).

The research on labour market interventions considered the context of COVID-19 crisis with a view to identify main lessons and messages for the next generation of policies and measures aimed at human capital development and improved labour market performance. The work included (i) an assessment of the effectiveness of ALMPs in crisis and post crisis situations, and (ii) a mapping of innovative practices of ALMPs among EU Member States and EU neighbouring countries. Three country focused analyses in Jordan, Moldova and North Macedonia have been developed to showcase reform potential in various socio-economic and institutional contexts.

The objectives of this meeting are (a) to present the preliminary results of mismatch calculation using Jordan datasets (i.e. Labour Force Survey); (b) to share the draft findings and recommendations emerging from the country analysis of labour market interventions, and (c) to discuss the main takeaways for policy actions, or new research/knowledge expansion as well as capacity building.

Post event update

The event was organised by the ETF in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission. The meeting was opened by Jordan’s Minister of Labour, Nayef Zakariya Stetieh.

For further information on the discussions and exchanges during the event, we invite you to read the web note published on the ETF website:  

Working together for labour market innovation in Jordan | ETF (

The presentations made during the event as well as additional materials related to the topics discussed are available in the section below. 

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