ETF Network for Excellence (ENE) “Centres of Vocational Excellence as engines for vocational education and training development"

ENE is unique in being an international network of Vocational Centres of Excellence (CoVEs) in the EU neighbourhood. It has 144 CoVEs registered covering 8 EU countries, 15 ETF partner countries and 6 African countries.

The event will be organized on two half days to allow for interactivity amongst participants to foster discussion and peer learning and facilitate networking.

The first day the event will focus on results of 2020, sharing from the perspective of centres of excellence and partners the added value of partnership work conducted in the fields of work based learning, autonomy and public-private partnership and the results of the self-assessment conducted as a base line for the network.

The second day will focus on priorities for 2021 including discussing new areas of partnership, learning, knowledge creation and sharing, and the modalities of networking and knowledge exchange to be implemented in the scenario of prolonged travel restrictions.

The event will be delivered in English with simultaneous interpretation in French and Russian.  

Overall, the on-line meeting aims at:

  • continuing the dialogue among Centres of Excellence from ETF partner countries and the EU /Member States (MSs);
  • bringing together the ENE network, practitioners, and experts from the partner countries of the ETF and the EU to share results achieved in the first year of implementation of the ENE;
  • discussing amongst participants on how ENE can respond to development needs of its members working in partnerships;
  • agreeing on actions forward for the network in 2021.

More information

Agenda ENE event 11 and 12 March 2021 EN
Agenda ENE event 11 and 12 March 2021 RU
Agenda ENE event 11 and 12 March 2021 FR
Flash report of the event