Establishing priorities for employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina: learning from EU member state case studies

In its preparations to join the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina will increasingly be required to accommodate EU employment policy, including mechanisms and procedures to interface employment developments at regional and country level, and the wider monitoring and reporting processes at EU level, in particular, the European Semester.

The project, in cooperation with EU Delegation in Sarajevo, aims at supporting policy officials from the BiH entities and state level authorities in determining ways forward for establishing country-wide priorities for employment,  as first step in meeting the EU policy requirements that each member state’s employment strategy features within its overall commitment to the EU’s 2020 socio-economic objectives.

More specifically, the project focuses on employment policy developments in two EU member countries (Spain, Poland) both with high degrees of decentralisation on governance as learning references for BiH which is also characterised by a high degree of decentralisation on employment policy.

The workshop presented the two EU case studies and allowed for an exchange amongst BiH stakeholders working on employment developments.

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Opening session presentation
Presentation on Spain case study
Presentation on Poland case study
Case Study - Employment Policy in Spain
Case Study - Employment Policy in Poland
Questions and answers on the case studies
Summary and main outcomes