Elan vers l’institutionnalisation d'une labellisation de Centres Entreprenants CE VET en Tunisie ! Online Forum 6.0 pour le Développement de l'Esprit Entrepreneurial

The online forum will provide a necessary space for presenting final results and debating such issues supported by developments done during the course of the action, whilst looking together on how to move ahead for scaling up current outcomes. The key objectives are: 

  • Presenting revised final conceptual framework as a key milestone of the project.
  • Sharing self-evaluation tool in order to collect feed backs mainly regarding on contents and further strategical use of the tool.
  • Discussing and identifying key opportunities for scaling up project outcomes, focusing on how moving forward for labelling entrepreneurial centres contextualized within autonomy, vocational excellence and PPP policy framework in the country.

The main result of the forum will be to agree among participants on some immediate actions to take and prioritizing, to institutionalize network of VET ECs in the country. 

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More information

Meeting agenda - 6th EL Forum - Tunisia - 18/11/2020
Presentation of M.me Aicha Zemni MJSIP Cabinet
Centre Entreprenant - concepts et cadre de travail - Draft for discussion
Presentation of M. Elin McCallum ETF Expert
Presentation of M. José Manuel Galvin Arribas Senior ETF Expert
Flash report